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R4DS YSMenu Firmware for R4 DS from WWW.R4DS.ME

Posted on 13th Feb 2011 @ 8:39 PM

Some R4 DS users are confusing on how to use YSMenu firmware for their R4DS cards made from www.r4ds.me (Originally from www.r4ds.com), R4wood now has it explained to visitors.

R4DS Firmware Environment

1> Nintendo DS Lite (UKF12874090) <Both DS Lite and DS will do>
2> Kingston 2G MicroSD Memory Card + MicroSD USB adapter
3> Wood R4 DS card
4> Software: Official R4DS Kernel V1.18 or Unofficial Wood Firmware V1.23  + R4DS YSMenu V6.49

Note: R4DS kernel V1.18 is outdated, r4wood take Wood V1.23 + YSMenu V6.49 as an example below.

R4DS YSMenu Operation Instruction

Wood R4 DS users can do as following.
1> Download Wood R4 V1.23 and R4DS YSMenu V6.49 (latest versions at our wood r4 kernel page )
2> Decompress and extract Wood R4 V1.23 into _rpg and _DS_MENU.DAT , YSMenu V6.49 into TTMenu and YSMenu.nds  (Shown below)
3> Copy _rpg, _DS_MENU.DAT, TTMenu and YSMenu.nds into root directory of Kingston memory card
4> Wood kernel and R4DS YSMenu installation completes
5> Copy some game ROMs into kingston memory card like 5449, 5498 as an example
6> Boots Wood r4 v1.23 kernel, then loads YSMenu.nds, console changes into YSMenu interface successfully.
7> Now play games under wood firmware or YSMenu software.

What's Good for R4DS YSMenu

1> If Wood R4 DS users do not want to play games with Wood Firmware, just to shift to YSMenu;
2> If latest wood firmware does not support your game roms, try latest R4DS YSMenu.

Note: If any question about R4DS YSMenu, feel free contact r4wood.

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R4DS YSMenu Update Log

R4 DS YSMenu V6.50  (Feb-23-2011)
R4 DS YSMenu V6.49  (Feb-13-2011)