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R4DS YSMenu Firmware for R4 DS from WWW.R4DS.ME

Posted on 13th Feb 2011 @ 8:39 PM

Some R4 DS users are confusing on how to use YSMenu firmware for their R4DS cards made from www.r4ds.com, R4wood now has it explained to visitors.

R4DS Firmware Environment

1> Nintendo DS Lite (UKF12874090) <Both DS Lite and DS will do>
2> Kingston 2G MicroSD Memory Card + MicroSD USB adapter
3> Wood R4 DS card
4> Software: Official R4DS Kernel V1.18 or Unofficial Wood Firmware V1.23  + R4DS YSMenu V6.49

Note: R4DS kernel V1.18 is outdated, r4wood take Wood V1.23 + YSMenu V6.49 as an example below.

R4DS YSMenu Operation Instruction

Wood R4 DS users can do as following.
1> Download Wood R4 V1.23 and R4DS YSMenu V6.49 (latest versions at our wood r4 kernel page )
2> Decompress and extract Wood R4 V1.23 into _rpg and _DS_MENU.DAT , YSMenu V6.49 into TTMenu and YSMenu.nds  (Shown below)
3> Copy _rpg, _DS_MENU.DAT, TTMenu and YSMenu.nds into root directory of Kingston memory card
4> Wood kernel and R4DS YSMenu installation completes
5> Copy some game ROMs into kingston memory card like 5449, 5498 as an example
6> Boots Wood r4 v1.23 kernel, then loads YSMenu.nds, console changes into YSMenu interface successfully.
7> Now play games under wood firmware or YSMenu software.

What's Good for R4DS YSMenu

1> If Wood R4 DS users do not want to play games with Wood Firmware, just to shift to YSMenu;
2> If latest wood firmware does not support your game roms, try latest R4DS YSMenu.

Note: If any question about R4DS YSMenu, feel free contact r4wood.

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R4DS YSMenu Update Log

R4 DS YSMenu V6.50  (Feb-23-2011)
R4 DS YSMenu V6.49  (Feb-13-2011)