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Fake Acekard 2i Vs Genuine Acekard 2i Card www.acekard.com

Posted on 21st Feb 2011 @ 7:19 PM

Since www.acekard.com announced a clone Acekard 2i card on Jan 25th, 2011. Acekard 2i card users are wondering where they can find the detailed comparision between Fake Acekard 2i card and Genuine Acekard 2i card.

Here we collected a fake Acekard 2i sample and have a comparision below.

Acekard 2i Front Panel Difference

Users can tell the differences below.

(1) Letter "a" in both acekard and website www.acekard.com;
(2) Bold printing "DSi Compatible" in fake acekard card;
(3) Number "2" printed lighter in clone acekard cards;

(4) Rough workmanship if not original;

Acekard 2i Back Panel Difference

Basic two obvious appearance differece when viewing from back panel.
(1) Circuit layout;
(2) Muti-Row workmanship for Fake acekard 2i;

Acekard 2i Circuit Layout and Chips Comparison

Clone Acekard 2i card may use EON chips as reported officially from www.acekard.com, or even apply the same SST chip but with different circuit components shown as below.

Acekard 2i Update Software Tell the Truth

If Acekard users could not open the Acekard 2i to check, they can use the Acekard 1.41 update file (update for 1.41 of DSi) to confirm.

Users can download update for 1.41 of DSi officially, and then have it tested for Acekard card on DS Lite or DSi console with version lower than 1.4.1.

(1) If run ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds on DS Lite, the fake Acekard 2i refused to respond even operated as instructed.

(2) If update Fake Acekard 2i after successfully updating genuine Acekard 2i, DS Lite will tell card error.

Actions from www.acekard.com

Acekard.com modified its PCB layout and use a smaller SST flash chip on Feb 21st, 2011. Anti-fake is a hard way for DS Flashcarts manufactures.

Genuine Acekard 2i does not support firmware upgrade to 3DS V4.4 and DSi 1.4.5, if your console has been in higher system versions, please buy other flashcart, like DSTWO.