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Nintendo 3DS Hacked from R4i Gold www.R4idsn.com

Posted on 27th Feb 2011 @ 6:04 AM

The new Nintendo 3DS didn't last 24 hours in Japan before hackers jailbroke the device to support Revolution For DSi R4i Gold flash cards that play old Nintendo games.

News from www.r4idsn.com that R4i Gold card has broken 3DS successfully. Remember that R4i gold card from www.r4idsn.com is the same R4i Gold from www.r4ids.cn, and users call it wood r4i gold before.

In the video below, two hackers show a Nintendo 3DS playing a DS version of "New Super Mario Brothers" stored on an R4 card. The hackers note in a superimposed caption that not all flash cards work, and that Nintendo will likely remove R4 cards from its whitelist:

"Let me just clear things up. This is not a 3DS flashcart. It is the R4 used on Dsi. It is not possible to play 3DS games from it. You can't use your current DS flashcart (no matter what brand) on it. The R4 team has managed to hack the 3DS in order to make it run. Nintendo has made a "whitelist," built into the 3DS. It's a lit that contains the names of all games that can be played on the 3DS. These guys have modified this list, making it possible to run their flashcart. There, you can not do this unless you hack the system yourself. Expect Nintendo to release a firmware update to block the R4 cards once again."

Watch Video at Youku.com

youtube.png  Watch R4ids R4i Gold broke 3DS. And Will be released on Mar 3rd, 2011.