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DSTT Kernel V6.53 Updates TT TTi Pokemon EU

Posted on 6th Mar 2011 @ 2:21 AM

Good News for Pokemon European players that DSTT Kernel TTMenu V6.53, released on Mar 6th, 2011, has fixed the bugs and can download this TT kernel update now for your DSTT DSTTi cards.

DSTT Kernel V6.53 is compatible with DSTT card and DSTTi card, which are originally made from www.ndstt.com but now www.ndstt.net.

DSTT Kernel V6.53 Update

With extinfo, infolib and savlib modified, DSTT V6.53 update fixed the bugs and you can play games below freely on TT and TTi cards now.

- Pokemon White Version (Eu)
- Pokemon Black Version (Eu)
- Pokemon Version Blanche (Fr)
- Pokemon Version Noire (Fr)
- Pokemon Weisse Edition (Ge)
- Pokemon Schwarze Edition (Ge)
- Shougi World Champion Gekisashi DS (Jp)
- Ishin no Arashi Shippuu Ryoumaden (Jp)
- Pokemon Edicion Blanca (Es)
- Pokemon Edicion Negra (Es)
- Pokemon Versione Bianca (It)
- Pokemon Versione Nera (It)

DSTT Kernel Update Log

DSTT YSMenu V6.57   (Apr 20, 2011)
DSTT YSMenu V6.55   (Mar 18, 2011)
DSTT TTMenu V6.54   (Mar 14, 2011)
Wood4TT Kernel V1.25 (Mar 5, 2011)
DSTT TTMenu V6.52   (Mar 4, 2011)
DSTT TTMenu V6.51   (Feb 26, 2011)
DSTT YSMenu V6.50   (Feb 23, 2011)
DSTT YSMenu V6.49   (Feb 13, 2011)