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How to Firmware Upgrade R4i Gold 3DS for 3DS (XL) V6.0 System

Posted on 23rd Jun 2013 @ 12:57 AM

How to firmware upgrade R4i Gold 3DS (r4ids.cn) for 3DS XL / LL system V6.0.0-X ? Will this firmware update get my r4i gold 3ds broken ? Or could I continue to do firmware upgrade for 3DS V6.1 after cutting off the signal line ? Which IC chip does work in this firmware upgrade as there are so many PCB numbers 6, 8, 9, A, B, C ?

Our recommendation is DO NOT UPDATE YOUR 3DS SYSTEM INTO V6.0.0-X, as the signal line is hard to connect up again for most of users.

And if your card works fine after V6.0 update, please share with us the image of your IC chip image and game icon displayed before firmware update. R4WOOD will share your feedback to other users here.

How to Firmware Update

Surely you can download officially from r4ids.cn - 3DS6.0 updating patch released on Jun 23rd, 2013. In that rar file, there is a readme.doc file which also instructs you on how to update your r4i gold card.

However, there does not mention whether it works for all r4i gold 3ds released from r4ids.cn. We have no those old samples on hand for test, and your feedback matters.

Below chip is what we now have, and it supports this v6.0 update successfully.

R4IDS.CN Chip supports v6.0 Firmware Update

Update on a DSi or 3DS

Find a DSi, DSi XL or 3DS which does not block your r4i gold 3ds on hand, then follow steps below.

1, Download and install Wood R4 kernel V1.60 again as it was updated on Jun 23rd comparing to the one released on Jun 13th, 2013.

2, Download 3DS6.0 updating patch released on Jun 23rd, 2013.

3, Unzip the rar file and copy R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds and paste to the root directory of your memory card, same place as your wood kernel is put.

4, Run R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds on your DSi or 3DS to complete firmware write process.

5, After updating your r4i Gold 3DS card successfully (With both game icon changed and complete notification as shown in the video), open the shell of your card, see the PCB picture below, cut off the signal line as shown by arrow.

Do NOT cut the line unless you have done the update above successfully !

Cut Off Signal Line for R4i Gold 3DS Firmware Upgrade

6, now your r4i gold 3ds should work on 3DS V6.0.0-11U, V6.0.0-12E, V6.0.0-12J. So does 3DS XL.

Update on a DS Lite

This method solves the case you can't enter Wood homebrew, but you can still update firmware.

1, Find a R4, AK2i or DSTWO

2, Download 3DS6.0 updating patch released on Jun 23rd, 2013

3, Unzip rar file, copy and paste R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSL.nds into the root directory of memory card, same place as R4/ak2i/dstwo kernel is put

4, Run R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSL.nds and DS Lite loads into a card check interface below

5, Take out that assitant flashcart directly, insert your r4i gold 3ds with no memory card, press A button and the update will go ahead

6, After DS Lite tells update complete successfully, you need to cut off the line, same as what has been done on a DSi.

Note again, Do NOT cut the line unless you have done the update above successfully !

Video Guide on How to Update

You can also refer to this YouTube guide on how to update R4i Gold 3DS for 3DS 6.0 system.

Firmware Upgrade R4i Gold 3DS for 3DS XL 6.0.0-X

If you have any questions about firmware update your r4i gold 3ds, contact us freely.