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I do not have a PC or laptop, can I use R4 card for gaming ?

Posted on 4th Sep 2019 @ 4:00 PM

Some r4 users may ask, 'I do not have a PC or lapton, how to install R4 card then ?'. Here list our suggestions for those players.

1, Ask r4wood staff to install R4 kernel for your order. If you have a memory card in your order, just leaving your comment asking for installation. We will then install its software and serveral games as required.

2, Order r4 chip with software and games installed under category https://www.r4wood.com/en/14-r4-install-service.

3, Install r4 software/firmware or games on your Smartphone or tablet, this adapter can surely help flashing r4 kernel and games to r4 memory card with your smart mobile.


4, If none of above helps, you can still ask your friend to complete this installation :)