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5256 FIFA Soccer 11 with DS Flashcarts Report

Posted on 26th Oct 2010 @ 10:17 PM

5256 - FIFA Soccer 11 DS Game has been relased for several weeks. And many Soccer Fans wonders which Flashcart can play this game on their console freely.

R4wood.com reports our result as following.

Test Condition

  • Nintendo DS Lite (UKF12874090)
  • DS Flashcarts involved below
  • Kingston MicroSD Card
  • Latest Flashcart Software and Kernel ( by Oct 27th, 2010 )
  • DS Game ROM - 5256 FIFA Soccer 11

Test Result on Flashcarts supporting 5256

  • Wood R4 DS (r4ds.com), Wood R4 Kernel V1.14.2, Perfect
  • iSmart Premium (ismartds.com), iSmart Premium V1.03, Perfect
  • R4 SDHC (r4i-sdhc.com), R4i SDHC V1.27B, Perfect
  • R4i SDHC 1.4.1 (r4i-sdhc.com), R4i SDHC V1.27B, Perfect
  • R4i Gold (r4ids.cn or r4idsn.com), R4i gold V1.38, Perfect
  • R4i Gold old version (r4ids.com), R4i gold V1.38, fine
  • R4i Gold 2.0 (r4ids.com), R4i gold V2.0T, white screen
  • R4i-gold (r4i-gold.com), R4i-gold V1.36B, loading error
  • R4i Ultra SDHC (r4ultra.com), R4i Ultra V1.36, white screen
  • R4 Ultra SDHC (r4ultra.com), R4 ultra V1.36, white screen
  • Acekard 2 (acekard.com), AKAIO 1.8.1, Perfect
  • Acekard 2i (acekard.com), AKAIO 1.8.1, Perfect
  • R4SDHC (r4sdhc.com), R4SDHC V2.10T09, Perfect
  • DSTT / DSTTi (ndstt.com), TT 1.17a12sp6, loading screen
  • M3i Zero (m3adapter.com), FCore 1.6.1 & System V4.8f, Fine with long time saving
  • R4iTT (r4itt.net), R4itt V2.11, Save File Error
  • Supercard DSTWO (supercard.sc), SCDS2 V1.08, Perfect
  • EZFlash 5i(ezflash.cn), EZflash 3.0 OB1, Perfect