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Download Wood R4 1.19 Kernel for R4 DS card

Posted on 5th Dec 2010 @ 7:39 PM

Wood R4 1.19 Kernel release

Latest wood R4 1.19 kernel is released today. For millions of R4 DS users, wood r4 kernel is really useful. Since R4 DS card stopped update the kernel, users were limited to play new games. The appears of wood r4 kernel solve this problem. Wood r4 team continuous release new kernel to fix Nintendo games. Thanks to the wood r4 technical team. As their hard work, new wood r4 1.19 kernel updated on December 6th 2010. It is more powerfull and enable more games. We believe, the wood r4 1.19 kenel will bring more convenience and more joy to wood r4 ds card users.

Wood R4 1.19 kernel update content

Wood R4 1.19 updated the interface and compatibility for R4 DS card. Thanks to PabloACZ.

Wood R4 1.19 update interface:
- spanish localization updated.

Wood R4 1.19 with better compatibility:
5369 - 'sonic colors (usa)' fixed.
5370 - 'super kaseki horider (japan)' fixed.
5371 - 'sd gundam sangokuden - brave battle warriors (japan)' fixed.
5374 - 'penguin no mondai - the world (japan)' fixed.
5375 - 'crayon shin-chan shokkugan! densetsu o yobu omake daiketsusen!! (japan)' fixed.
5376 - 'momotarou dentetsu world (japan)' fixed.
5377 - 'motto! stitch! ds rhythm de rakugaki daisakusen (japan)' fixed.
5378 - 'power pro kun pocket 13 (japan)' fixed.
5381 - 'michael jackson - the experience (europe)' fixed.
5382 - 'metal fight bayblade - choujou kessen! big bang bladers (japan)' fixed.
5384 - 'nori nori relaxuma - hit song ongakusai (japan)' fixed.
5385 - 'kawaii koneko ds 3 (japan)' fixed.
5386 - 'mario vs. donkey kong - totsugeki! mini-land (japan)' fixed.
5387 - 'golden sun - dark dawn (europe)' fixed.
5388 - 'do-konjou shougakussei - bon bita - hadaka no choujou ketsusen!! bita vs. dokuro dei! (japan)' fixed.
5395 - 'camp rock - the final jam (europe) (en,sv,no,da)' fixed.
5397 - 'phineas and ferb ride again (europe)' fixed.

Wood R4 1.19 Kernel update method

Before updatation, please insure your Wood R4 DS card to be original and "SDTF-2GB", Only original wood r4 DS card with "SDTF-2GB" supports Wood R4 V1.19 kernel.
1. Download Wood R4 V1.19 kernel document from r4wood.com
2. Format the MicroSD TF card.
3. Release the files and copy them to the MicroSD card.
4. Remove the MicroSD card and connect it to your wood R4 revolution.
5. Boot up your Nintendo DS console to enjoy the game.

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