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EX4i Movie Kernel

Download EX4i Firmware, EX4DS Firmware, EX4i Movie Kernel

EX4DS cart means expansion for Nintendo DSi XL, DSi LL, DSi 1.4.5, DS Lite and DS. It supports Slot 1 games well and provides multi-format movies watching directly, which includes RMVB, AVI, MOV, DIVX, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, ASF, WMV. However, it is not as announced from ex4ds.com. Details can be referred to EX4i Movie.

EX4DS Firmware Download

EX4DS Firmware V1.32( En )

EX4i DS, EX4DS 1.4.1 Break Through (En)


  • If you have any question about the use of R4i-gold Kernel, pls feel free and send your e-mail to us. R4wood.com will respond wthin 24 hours.

EX4DS Firmare V1.32 Compatibility

  • 5290--Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II MULTi5 (EUR)
  • 5289 - Solatorobo Sorekara CODA (Japan)
  • 5288 - Professor Layton en de V (Holland)
  • 5287 - Crazy Chicken Carnival * (Europe)
  • 5285 - Strike Witches 2: Iyasu  (Japan)
  • The former Game ROMs

EX4DS Firmare V1.32 News