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Kernel Download

Nintendo Modchip users may struggle to find software/firmware to run ds games after those official sites shut off. Luckily, below shares out Wayback Machine to find/download r4 kernel/firmware in history.

Firmware and Kernel Download Path

1, Acekard RPG/2/2i - Official Download acekard.com (mirror Data updated on 2013-Nov-28)
2, CycloDS Evolution /iEvolution - Download cyclopsds.com (mirror Data on 2011-Nov-20)
3, Edge / iEdge - Download edge-ds.cn (mirror Data on 2011-Nov-8)
4, M3 adapter / iZero - Download m3adapter.com (Backup on dsgogogo.com 2012-Oct-20)
5, DSTT / DSTTi - Download ndstt.com (Mirror backup 2009-Sep-20)
6, iSmart Premium / iSmart MM - Download ismartds.com (Mirror backup 2012-May-10)
7, iTouch /iTouch2 - Download itouchds.com (Backup on simplepluseasy.net 2011-Jun-10)
8, DS n5/n5i - Download dsn5.com (mirror data on 2011-May-24)
9, ex4ds - Download ex4ds.com (mirror data on 2013-Aug-19)
10, R4i Gold/R4i Gold Ver 2.0/R4i Gold PLUS - Download r4ids.com (mirror data 2013-Apr-23)
11, R4 dual core - Download r4isdhc.hk (mirror data 2017-Jul-11)
12, R4i-Gold rts/R4i-Gold v1.4.1/R4i-Gold 3ds/R4i-Gold pro - Download r4i-gold.com (mirror data 2012-Nov-16)
13, R4 Gold PRO - Download r4i-gold.me (mirror data 2013-Jul-19)
14, R4 SDHC /R4i SDHC/R4i V2.10T - Download r4sdhc.com (mirror data 2010-Apr-19)
15, R4 ultra /R4i ultra - Download r4ultra.com (mirror data 2012-Jan-16)
16, r4itt series - Download r4itt.net (mirror data 2017-Aug-1)
17, hyper r4i - Download hyper4i.com (backup 2010-Jun-23)
18, R4 III/i - Download r4dsl.net (backup 2010-May-10)
19, r4i gold /r4 3D - Download r4idsn.com (backup 2014-Jun-1)
20, r4 sdhc rts /r4 sdhc dual core /r4 sdhc brand new 2.0 /R4 Gold  - Download r4isdhc.com (backup 2013-Mar-8)

Other r4 cards with their official sites mirror backup

r4ds-i.com.cn (2009-Jul-22) | r4i-ndsill.com (2012-Aug-6) | r4dsixl3d.com (2011-Feb-8) | r4-dsl.net (2009-Feb-20)

r4iii.com (2011-Jul-28) | r4iiinew.com (2009-Jul-22) | r4iiisdhc.com (2009-Mar-18) | r4li.com (2011-Aug-4)

r4-king.com (2011-Nov-12) | r4new.com (2010-May-21) |

If those backup were removed, you may try Linfox Domain to check whether your software is hosted there. If you need to download r4 kernel/firmware from other offical r4 websites, please email your query to r4wood.com.