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R4iTT Kernel

R4iTT card is known as integration of R4DS and DSTT, and there are three R4iTT cards available among DS console users - R4iTT purple, R4iTT purple new, R4iTT black made from www.r4itt.net.
Note: Users may call R4iTT Kernel differently as R4iTT Kernel, R4iTT Firmware, R4iTT Software.

Video Guide on How to Install R4iTT_3DS Firmware Updater Ver1.0 for R4iTT DSiXL 3D V1.6 which supports Nintendo 3DS now.

Official R4iTT Kernel

www.r4itt.net has been dead since the year 2017, if you want to use its official r4 kernel/firmware, please download from its mirror backup link. You can still find the corresponding official R4iTT kernel at its Game Played Kernel page.

You could also navigate all r4itt kernel/firmware backuped under url https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.r4itt.net/*, filter by .rar or .zip.


If you think kernel update is slow for R4iTT purple new, you can try the kernel from this webpage (R4WOOD has not confirmed relationship between R4iTT.net and R4iTT.cc).
As old R4iTT purple and R4iTT black have been out of production, R4iTT.net ceased its official kernel update for these two R4iTT cards.

R4iTT Purple non-Official Kernel

This non-official kernel is used for old R4iTT purple card only, do not mix with the other two R4iTT cards.

Thanks to RetroGameFan, its YSMenu patch could be used for old R4iTT purple card with screw on the back.
Now you can click and download this fixed r4itt kernel and run directly. And the installation is same as the one for official kernel.

R4iTT 1.41 Update Installation

1> Download the latest R4iTT V2.11 kernel and R4iTT 1.41 Update;
2> Decompress both of them onto root directory of your Memory card;
3> Get r4i_flashdata.bin and UpdateToolerV13.nds two patches after decompression of R4iTT 1.41 Update;
4> Do not update your DSi console into V1.41 before these two patches being updated on your R4iTT cart;
5> Power on DSi 1.41 with R4iTT & Memory card inserted;
6> Find and Run UpdateToolerV13.nds;
7> Do and Follow the Instruction from Screen, and Complete the Update.

If any question, please feel free and contact us to sales@r4wood.com. We will respond within 24 hours.

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