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Wood R4 Kernel

Wood R4 Kernel Introduction

Both R4 DS official kernel V1.18 and all latest unofficial Wood R4 Kernel can be used for Genuine R4 DS Revolution (R4 V2, R4 Version 2) card. Unofficial Wood R4 Kernel is written and updated by Yellow Wood Goblin.

11.gif Want Wood r4 Firmware for 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi XL or DSi ? Is Wood r4 compatible with SDHC Memory Cards ?  Latest R4i Gold 3DS PLUS (www.r4ids.cn) supports wood r4 homebrew when setting at D side for ds games. Wood r4 kernel is of real time feature, this PLUS version R4i 3DS card is also of RTS feature.

Latest usrcheat - DeadSkullzJr's update, UsrCheatUp - UsrCheatUp2.9.zip , DS Cheats Search Engine, SuperCheats; Convert SaveGame and try SaveGames Converter. Want to run NES or SNES on R4DS ? Download emulator from snemul.com, get video or text guide to set up.

Download Acekard 2i Skins for Wood R4 DS card. How ? Watch YouTube Video Guide.

Where to download DS ROMs ? Search 3DS / DS games at Pirate Bay or Google. (Remember to download and use clean ROMs, not patched ones, most kernel does not support patched roms)

Wood R4 Kernel Download

R4 DS Official Kernel:

If any question about use of Wood R4 Kernel, please feel free and send your e-mail to R4wood.com. We will respond within 24 hours.


  • Do save the decompressed Wood R4 Kernel into the root directory of your Memory card
  • Do not use any Memory card larger than 2GB for Wood R4 (R4 V2, R4 Version 2)

Wood R4 DS Card FAQ

If games loading speed is very slow when using Wood R4, there may be too many fragments in Memory card/Micro SD card, please download Panasonic SDFormatter to have your memory card formatted.

Click and download eNDryptS Advanced 1.2 .

Q: How to access my save games from official kernel V1.18 when I want to use this Wood R4 kernel ?
A: Rename those xxx.nds.sav into xxx.SAV  (xxx refering to the game name, xxx.SAV is save game format from Wood kernel, xxx.nds.sav is save game format from official kernel V1.18.

Q: How to access Cheat DB for Wood R4 Kernel ?
A: After download and install Wood kernel, you will find there is no Cheat access at File Info column. Access it this way. Setup DS Wifi setting and connect it -> Wood R4 Kernel Interface -> Start -> Tools -> Update (Press A button) -> Select Cheat DB on -> Confirm and console update automatically.

Wood Kernel Installation

After downloading Wood kernel into your computer, decompress and extract this Wood R4 v1.xx.rar file with tool WinRar, get __rpg, _DS_MENU.DAT, changelog.txt, readme.txt shown as below. Copy and save _rpg, _DS_MENU.DAT into the root directory of your memory card. Wood kernel installation completes. At the same time, you can save DS games to your memory card ( no larger than 2GB capacity ).

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Wood R4 Kernel Update Log

Wood R4 Kernel 1.16

Wood R4 Kernel 1.16 Core

  • Some homebrews dont' work
  • Softreset improved
  • Do shutdown if 3D hardware locked up after soft-reset
  • Direct SD saving is more accurate

Wood R4 Kernel 1.16 Interface

  • Simplified chinese localization updated
  • Brazilian localization updated
  • Romanian localization added
  • 'deselect all' button in cheat dialog

Wood R4 Kernel 1.16 Compatibility

  • 'tomodachi collection (japan) (rev 1)' fixed
  • 'radiant historia (japan)' fixed
  • 'goldeneye 007 (europe)' fixed
  • 'goldeneye 007 (usa)' fixed
  • 'captain tsubasa - new kick off (europe) (fr,de,es,it)' fixed
  • 'zac to ombra - maboroshi no yuuenchi (japan)' fixed
  • 'pokemon ranger - guardian signs (europe)' fixed
  • 'goldeneye 007 (italy)' fixed
  • 'call of duty - black ops (europe)' fixed
  • 'sonic colors (europe)' fixed

Wood R4 Kernel 1.15

Wood R4 Kernel V1.15 Core

  • Switched to devkitarm 32
  • Libnds not used now, Used special fork - libunds instead
  • Folders with dot as a first symbol never shown
  • Additional 3d engine reset at softReset
  • Touchscreen processing more accurate
  • .cc files will not be used anymore, Cheats goes from usrcheat.dat directly. Can now delete all *.cc files from MicroSD /TF card

Wood R4 Kernel V1.15 Interface

  • Rom property dialog speedup
  • Custom icons setting for File types, Folders, nand, Microsd, Slot2 and other unknown types. also custom icons in skins

Wood R4 Kernel V1.15 Compability

  • 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (usa)', fixed
  • 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (europe)', fixed
  • 'super scribblenauts (usa)', fixed
  • 'lufia - curse of the sinistrals (usa)', fixed
  • 'tenkaichi sengoku lovers ds (japan)', fixed
  • freezes in underground in 'pokemon - platinum version' at some microsd cards, fixed
  • 'professeur layton et le destin perdu (france)', fixed
  • 'professor layton und die verlorene zukunft (germany)', fixed
  • 'crime lab - body of evidence (europe)', fixed
  • 'super scribblenauts (europe)', fixed
  • 'professor layton e il futuro perduto, il (italy)', fixed
  • 'strike witches 2 - iyasu naosu punipunisuru (japan)', fixed
  • 'professor layton en de verloren toekomst (netherlands)', fixed
  • 'profesor layton y el futuro perdido, el (spain)', fixed
  • 'solatorobo (japan)', fixed
  • 'sims 3, the (europe)', fixed
  • 'ougon no taiyou - shikkokunaru yoake (japan)', fixed
  • 'professor layton and the lost future (europe)', fixed

Wood R4 Kernel 1.14.2

Wood R4 Kernel V1.14.2 Compability

  • 5258 - 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (usa)' fixed.
  • 5259 - 'final fantasy - the 4 heroes of light (europe)' fixed.
  • 5264 - 'super scribblenauts (usa)' fixed.
  • 5265 - 'lufia - curse of the sinistrals (usa)' fixed.

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