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R4i GOLD PLUS Card Writer Compact Stand

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R4i Gold Plus Deluxe
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R4I GOLD PLUS + Firmware Writer + DS Compact Stand

R4i GOLD PLUS card, an enhanced R4IDS cartridge from www.r4ids.com, supports free DS  gaming on Nintendo 3DS XL (3DS), 2DS, DSi XL (DSi), DS Lite and DS. This brand new R4IDS revolution will get console users free from Firmware Upgrade. No block Error trouble for you now with this R4i GOLD PLUS luxury package.

Note: This R4i Gold PLUS has been out of production for several years, not available, please differ another R4i Gold 3DS PLUS below for both 3DS games and DS games with official site www.r4ids.cn.

R4i Gold Plus Bulletin Board

All R4i Gold Plus has been firmware upgrade before shipping out to you and is of system compatibility 3DS/2DS up to V9.4.0-21 and DSi up to 1.4.5, you do not need any further firmware update on its firmware adapter. (Dec 15th, 2014)

Download latest R4I GOLD PLUS Kernel V3.0 officially (Jul 10th, 2013). Or update system folder into YSMenu V7.00 (Dec 25th, 2013).

How to do firmware upgrade and kernel update for R4i Gold Plus ? You can follow our r4i gold plus update guide or video instruction.

R4i Gold Plus Operation

R4i Gold Plus Card Operation Guide

START on touch screen- Game list menu of Copy/Cut/Delete/Paste/Settings/File Info/Help/Tools/Wifi Update

  - Switch of Real-time Archiving, Slow Motion and Real-time Guide

  - Soft reset button

  - Auction Replay Cheat button

Usage Notice

Q: Why does Firmware Writer only flash once when connected to computer ?
A: The r4i gold plus card has been firmware updated. R4WOOD will have r4i gold plus firmware updated into latest version before shipping out.

Q: Can Firmware Writer / burner be used to save kernel or games ?
A: No. Firmware burner is just for firmware update. Users need to find a USB micro adapter instead.

Q: Why does my R4i Gold Plus fail in being recognized by my console ?
A: 1, Your console slot is broken (3DS slot is easy to get broken than DSi's); 2, Wrong firmware upgrade gets R4i damaged; 3, r4i metal bars are dirty.

R4i Gold Plus Card Deluxe Package

R4I GOLD PLUS Features

- Support slow motion, Real Time Save, Real Time Game Guide
- Support 3DS Ver 1.0.0-0, 1.1.0-1, 2.0.0-2, 2.1.0-3, 2.1.0-4, 2.2.0-4, 3.0.0-5, 3.0.0-6, 4.0.0-7, 4.1.0-8, 4.2.0-9, 4.3.0-10, 4.4.0-10, 4.5.0-10, 5.0.0-11, 5.1.0-11, 6.0.0-11/12, 6.1.0-11/12, 6.2, 6.3.0-12, 7.0.0-13, 7.1.0-14/15/16, 7.2.0-17, 8.0.0-18 9.0.0-20, 9.2.0-20, 9.3.0-21, 9.4.0-21 and higher versions ( U, E, A, J )
- Support DSi XL / DSi Ver 1.3, 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5 and higher versions ( U, E, A, J)
- Seperate R4i card writer can be detached from a DS host to upgrade R4i GOLD PLUS firmware
- Wifi upgrade R4IDS kernel
- Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of languages
- Support SDHC Memory Cards ( Micro SD 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb ), FAT 16 / 32
- Action Replay cheat
- DLDI auto-patching
- Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
- Built in NoPass
- Automatically detect save type
- Moonshell and other homebrew
- Rumble pak and memory pak
- WiFi game, Muti-player gaming locally, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
- Skin DIY
- Screen Touch and button operation
- More details available at R4IDS.COM


- 1x R4i GOLD PLUS card
- 1x R4i GOLD Firmware Writer
- 1x Optional Kingston Memory card

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R4i Gold cards Comparision: Why R4i Gold Plus is recommended.
R4i Gold Plus kernel and firmware update detailed guide.
R4i Gold Plus works on consoles 3DS 5.1.0-11 | DSi 1.4.5 | More systems videos

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Product Reviews

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  1. Card not detected

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 9th Apr 2018

    I tried original ds, DSi, and 3ds, the card is not recognized. How can I fix this? Also is it possible to update without having the blue adapter?
    this chip has been out of production for 5 years. No other way to fix. Recommend to get a new r4 card.

  2. Where is the best place to buy this product

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 5th Jul 2017

    I Would like to buy this exact product for my new 3ds XL. But when I looked I realized that this item is out of stock. Where do you think is the best place for me to get the R4i gold plus. I would also like to have a 16 GB SanDisk memory.
    It has been out of production for many years, not available now.

  3. good compatibility

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 11th Mar 2016

    Compatible firmaware V10.5
    Since december 2013, has passed all 3DS firmware upgarde, without any problem
    It should compatible with 10.6 too

  4. it won't show on the home screen

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 16th Apr 2015

    i've just set mine up with the instructions, and it doesn't show up on my 3ds or dsi XL. why is this?
    Just clean the metal contact bars of your r4, it is dirty to detect the card.

  5. Not enough compatibility for "new" games

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 12th Apr 2014

    So I purchased the gold plus and so excited to try it out, but unfortunately, most of my games which worked on my wood r4 (for my ds lite) with the latest wood kernel, don't work on the gold plus with their latest karnal.. I'm going to try if I can install the wood kernel on my new gold plus, if not, I'll probably order the gold rts (if no mistaken, I believe I can use it with wood kernel right?)
    For this r4i gold plus card, you can use YSMenu updated by RetroGameFan so that you can enjoy new ds games. And this r4i gold plus is not compatible with wood kernel.

  6. Quick question..

    Posted by David on 3rd Apr 2014

    So I am very curious that which one would you recommend, R4 Gold and R4 Gold Plus? I want to play NDS games on my 3DS XL which I bought in US (most of the NDS games I play are from Asia.. if that matters). Thank you so much!
    R4 Gold is enough

  7. Is it broken?

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 22nd Sep 2013

    This started happening recently but suddenly the 3DS will not recognize the r4i. I would update the firmware with the blue card writer and it would work again. Recently, when the 3DS no longer recognized the card, I tried to update it with the blue firmware writer but it won't light up when plugged into the computer. Is the card broken?
    The card won't work in a regular DS either. It shows that no card is inserted on both consoles.
    Open the shell of cartridge, find a rubber to clean the metal pins, then flash it with that blue writer. Sometimes, plug into a mobile power adapter is better.

  8. Broken?

    Posted by Maarten on 26th Aug 2013

    Bought a card worked very fine until it wasn't recognized anymore by an 3ds. Bought a new one did an update to the latest firmware 3ds started up gave a fatal error and now this card is broken too. Any options??
    Do you have that blue firmware writer ? If yes, install both kernel 2.2 and firmware patch 3.0 (deluxe one) into your memory card, connect memory card, firmware writer to your computer usb port till its flashes stop and light in blue. Then you can use it again on your 3ds.

  9. Then where do I purchase it

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 4th Aug 2013

    I'm willing to pay again from you but if it doesn't go through I don't know what to say... Please help me I need to purchase one soon and also not from that alie website because it's making me pay shipping so please help me solve this issue
    You can also try n3dscart.com, there you choose 95gateway. If your payment does not go through either, you have to search other sellers.

  10. MY ORDER NUMBER IS #201308018

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 3rd Aug 2013

    okay if the usa wont work then the link you link me to like alie or something was willing to pay me a shipping feee and it didnt look identical i wanted to buy from this website due to the fact my cousin bought it from here for his child and he said it was perfect now when its me you dont accept it or something goes wrong i would like to purchase it from here im very disappointed that i cant and your making me to go a random website to purchase it
    Thanks for your trust to r4wood.com, but all your payments of order #20130818, 20130835 and 20130836 are declined for a kind of 2007_high risk which is feedback from bank. Currently the payment service we are using increases risk control (Cybersourse), which declines many transactions. While transaction to our store Broconsole is under Escrow USA audit, they have different risk policy/tech.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 57 | Next

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